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In Country Value Certificate (ICV)

In Country Value Certificate is UAE government’s business improvement initiative. To get this certificate, MAZ-CA Accountants has a team of experienced professionals and the certificate is obtained from one of the ICV certifying bodies in the U.A.E.

MAZ-CA will assist you in obtaining this certificate. Although, It may look like a long process, but our experienced agents make it easy for you. Once our agent is appointed, first we gather important information, then prepare the file, and then submit the application. Finally, certificate is issued from one of the certifying bodies. Normally, the process takes a few working days.

Abu Dhabi government has launched ICV Certificate program in 2018. The number of certified businesses grew rapidly, as a result the government expanded the program to federal level in 2020. Since then, manufacturers and traders have benefited from this authentication.

As of 2022, the certificate is applicable all over the U.A.E. MAZ Chartered Accountants is the assistance body that works according to the ICV policies and guidelines.

ICV Services

  • ICV Certification
  • ICV Consultancy
  • Score Improvement
  • ICV Policies and Procedures

In Country Value Certificate Assistance

Every manufacturing, trading company and even free zone company in the U.A.E is eligible to obtain this certificate. MAZ CA will assist you this. When you receive the certificate, you have the advantage of accessing local and international markets. The certificate shows a score which tells that how well the company is graded. Based on the score, It enables them to win government tenders and contracts. It also recognizes them as beneficial contributors of Emiratisation program.

We absolutely understand its importance to you. This is why we only appoint highly professional and well trained agents.
We are happy to get you started.

In Country Value Certificate Assistance

Apply for an ICV

To apply for an ICV certificate, the company must contact and receive quotations from the approved certifying bodies.

Sign an Engagement Letter

The company must then select and award one of the certifying bodies from the quotations received, followed by signing an engagement letter.

Evaluate the company

The certifying body will then evaluate the company based on the information submitted using the ICV certification template, and issue the final ICV certificate.

MAZ-CA for In Country Value Certificate

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our services and continue with out services. Not only we will save your time and money, but also make the process completely easy. As a result, you will receive the certificate without even a single glitch. We are happy to be part of your business growth and profitability.

Once you learn how professional and valuable working with MAZ Chartered Accountant is then you will definitely want more services. If you need, check our VAT, Accounting, Internal & External Audit Services.

To help you better understand ICV Certificate program, first we urge you to read it thoroughly. Then you must book an agent and finally start your application.

To get you up to speed we have answered some basics questions here.

You can find more information about ICV program here.

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