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Business Advisory

Strong business processes are crucial for organizations to run their business effectively. Having a clear business workflow which is accessible by all employees help organizations reduce their dependency on individuals. Concise and well-articulated processes help modern-day organizations scale up their operations and equipped in taking up emerging market opportunities. We help our clients set up processes and systems that will enable them to run their business efficiently.

Gap Analysis and Process Redesign

We study and assess your company’s existing structure, workflow, input and output documents and thereafter conducts a gap analysis to identify gaps in existing business process and organizational structure. Based on the gap analysis, we propose bespoke solutions that fit the company’s culture, values and working environment.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures serve to instruct process owners and clarify doubts within a process. Our consultants are trained to ensure that no detail is left out while preparing an SOP. We give the precision that you require and ensure that gaps identified in your existing process are eliminated with the proper control measures built into the process. We Control Systems for companies in order to ensure that SOPs are properly implemented. We also design review systems, forms and MIS reports templates. This is a preceding step to enable effective internal audits/controls.

Preparation of Policy Manuals

We help our clients create policy manuals that ensure smooth operations from Board level to Executive Team and other employees within the organizational structure. Such policy manuals cover all department such as; HR Manual, IT, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, Internal Audit, etc. At the Board level, we help companies prepare their Corporate Governance Manuals and Delegation of Authority Matrix.

Accounting Software

ERP is done usually for companies that are planning to implement an ERP from scratch or planning to migrate to a significantly different ERP from what they have. We identify tasks that need to be automated based on the business processes mapped and help organizations to prepare a brief to different ERP vendors. Respective ERP capabilities are then evaluated, and we can help clients to identify the best option.

Feasibility Studies

A thorough feasibility study is critical for organizations to estimate their possibility of completing projects successfully. Organizations utilize feasibility studies to identify possible negative and positive outcomes from a project. This is done before investing valuable money and time for it.
A properly researched and executed feasibility study is capable of clearly identifying possible issues that can arise when a project is implemented, understanding financial, operational and potential other organizational impacts. It determines if the project will be productive after considering all the influencing factors.

Elements of Feasibility Study

Project Overview – An outline of the project, products / services offered the business model and method of delivery.

Market feasibility – Defines the prospective buyers, competitors, industry, the future and current market potential and sales estimations.

Technical feasibility – Lists the data about product or service delivery, which could include labor, raw materials. Transportation, technology needed business locations etc.

Financial feasibility – A forecast plan about the funding required the type of funds, and projected P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows etc. This includes detailing the assumptions made in the study, sensitivity analysis, and graphical presentation of key financial data.


Organizational feasibility – An explanation of the corporate and legal frame of the company; this might include data about the founders, their professional history and skills they have that can help the company begin and continue the operations.

Our organizational consultants have extensive experience in making business plans and conducting feasibility studies. Their skills include clear communication, multitasking, organizational skills, as well as analytical, observational and critical thinking.

Our team keenly focuses on your business model, customers, is familiar with technology and has an excellent understanding of complex data.

We conduct market research independently, with our own resources and work with leading market research firms in the UAE to obtain authentic market data, which, in turn, forms the foundation of a good feasibility study

Our deliverables to clients are in the form of exhaustive reports and presentations, which are backed by detailed financial models, developed using spreadsheets. We also develop summarized project teaser documents that potential investors might like to review before making further decisions of investments.


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